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posted 2 years ago on October 20, 2011
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Challenge Failed 

Basically, I failed this challenge because I couldn’t go through days 24,25,26,28,and 29. I have a bad habit of not finishing what I started, and these challenges were hard, and I’m too lazy to think. I’m sorry, I’m a cheater.

If you’re reading this in my archive, then you would notice there;s no day 21 either (Favorite book from your childhood). That I did, but I can’t make it appear no matter how much I tagged it correctly. Beats the hell out of me.

My Favorite book from my childhood, btw, is The Bobbsey Twins Mystery series.

So that concludes my 30-day book challenge. Thank you for keeping posted.

posted 3 years ago on March 7, 2011
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Day 30 - Your favorite book of all time 

There are so many books I’ve loved, it’s hard to pick one. Probably the winner of this challenge is Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief. It’s the only book that comes to my mind over and over again, throughout this book challenge. It’s the one book I could never really forget and never will. But then again, there’s also Ain’t She Sweet? , the Harry Potter series, and Ripples of Joy by Cheryl Kirking.


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Day 27 - The most surprising plot twist or ending 

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I honestly couldn’t get over how Martel ended that novel. It was mind-boggling. It disturbed me, it made me rethink everything I read, it made sense. I think it’s the best plot twist ever made. 

Day 23 - A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t 

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

This book was only available on bookstores as long as The Lord of the Rings was selling. Now, I can’t find it. I can’t find it on secondhand bookstores, which is frustrating. I don’t know anyone who owns this. I want to read it so bad.

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Day 22 - Favorite book you own 

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I fell in love with this book last year. I read the txt version, and it was frustrating because I couldn’t view the illustrations. So I waited for a year for this to be available in our bookstores. It should have been on bookshelves since it was first published! But things come late in our town. If it isn’t turned into a movie it won’t be sold in the bookstore.

I told myself that I should really own a copy. Even if I’ve read it before, it’s just so good. No matter what, when I find this in a bookstore, I will buy it. Thank God fifth time’s the charm.

only when I bought the book that I realized it belonged to the young adult section. I mean, it doesn’t read like young adult at all. I thought it was a novel. Written in a different but beautiful style, and read by every age. 

Day 20 - Favorite romance book 

If you ask me my favorite color, I would have difficulty answering. Ask me my favorite ice cream flavor or favorite band or favorite brand, I can’t pick one. But when it comes to romance, I have one stand-out favorite. It’s Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Ain’t She Sweet? 


Sugar Beth Carey, the one-time “wild child” of Parrish, Mississippi, returns home to face a slew of old enemies lining up to get even. Worst of all is Colin Byrne, the town’s dark prince, the man whose career Sugar Beth destroyed. Now he’s a famous novelist living in Sugar Beth’s old mansion, and he’s using his writer’s imagination to figure out how to bring the town’s former princess to her knees.


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Day 19 - Favorite book turned into a movie 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

I loved the movie and the book was written very well. I recommend you to read the novella. It can be read in one sitting. The movie is quite different from the book. It has a happy ending, and I prefer it that way. But don’t miss reading the book.

Interesting interesting: The fact that Truman Capote didn’t like how Hollywood prettied up the story. That “Fred” in the book isn’t exactly like in the movie. That Truman wanted Marilyn Monroe to play Holly.  I still love the movie though.

Day 18 - A book that disappointed you. 

I was (take note:was) a huge reader of romances, and one of my favorites was (take note: was) Judith McNaught. But her book, Tender Triumph was such a disappointment. I tried to love it, but I couldn’t. 

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Day 17 - Favorite quote from your favorite book 

"There is something in this world which no one has ever seen.
It is soft and sweet.
If it is spotted, I’m sure everyone will want to have it,
Which is why no one has ever seen it.
For this world has hidden it quite well, so that it is difficult to obtain.
But, there will come a day when it is discovered by somebody,
And only those who should obtain it will be able to find it. “

— Yuyuko Takemiya, TORADORA!

Toradora! is  a Japanese light novel series. Okay, so I haven’t really read this book, but I if I had, it would be one of my favorites. The anime is one of the best, so anime-lovers, watch this.

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time, and this quote was actually my first post here on Tumblr. It’s special. :)

Day 16 - Favorite female character 

Luna Lovegood

It’s funny how my two favorite characters are both from Harry Potter and we both first meet them at the Hogwarts Express. I also first fell in love with them on that train.

I love Luna’s eccentricities and she says the darnedest things! Somehow I can relate to her. How I wish I had her cool bluntness. (And isn’t Evann just perfect for her?)

My two runners-up were Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings and Alice from Twilight (yes, Twilight.I didn’t like the books but I loved her and Jasper).

Day 15 - Favorite male character 

Remus Lupin

The stranger was wearing an extremely shabby set of wizard’s robes that had been darned in several places. He looked ill and exhausted. Though quite young, his light brown hair was flecked with grey.
—Harry sees Remus for the first time

From the first time I read about him, on that train on the way to Harry’s third year at Hogwarts, I was enchanted. I don’t know, but it must’ve been Rowling’s description of him, her first words about him that got me really interested. I love his coolness, his intelligence, his sense of humor, his gentleness and how he’s a great teacher. Whenever he appears in the book, I reread that part. And when he died I cried heaps.

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Day 14 - Favorite book of your favorite writer 

I have so many favorite writers, but for this challenge, I’ll choose Paulo Coehlo and my favorite of his is Veronika Decides to Die.

(photo source:stillyourpassenger)

Day 13 - Your favorite writer 

Book writers? I don’t have A favorite. I have several! Neil Gaiman, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Paulo Coelho, Markus Zusak, JK Rowling, Georgette Heyer, among many others. A favorite for me is when I want to read everything they’ve read and go crazy for their works.

My one favorite writer was Max Soliven(1929-2006), a prominent Filipino journalist whose daily editorial columns I read with a passion. I was sad when he died, which meant I couldn’t read his witty and excellently written opinions column. God bless his soul.

Day 12 - A book you used to love but don’t anymore 

One of those books would be Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I mourned the loss of my book when the borrower didn’t return it for two years. When she did return it, the movie had already been released, and my love for  it was waning. The movie experience was so unlike the book experience that it ruined the book for me. I will always like how that book gave me suspense, but I just don’t love it like I used to.

Additionally, there’s an author I used to love, but not anymore, and that’s Judith McNaught. My teenage years were fueled by her romances. But now, I just prefer the contemporary romances, those which are believable. I still read romance once in a while, but not as much as I used to.

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