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and bc it’s valentine’s day i’m going to spam you with my all time favorite couple ever (that you probably never heard of but you should know)

chiaki and nodame! 

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The sounds can change depending on the weather, a small tiny thing sometimes changes the whole thing. Our beginning as well. It was Beethoven that we listened to in the room full of rubbish and it was Mozart that we performed with two pianos in the small practice room.

No matter how rough it is. Even though there are lonesome fights ahead… enough to make me faint almost.

There’s happiness in this.

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So I’m watching Nodame Cantabile again. The anime and the live action. And I’m back listening to the OST. I’m still tearing up whenever I watch this.

When am I going to get over this hang up, you might ask. Probably never, I would reply. This is a perfect creation. Thank you so much Tomoko Ninomiya. 

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Nodame in Music Analysis Class (is like me in Physics class).

Nodame in Music Analysis Class (is like me in Physics class).

Chiaki: Kotatsu. It’s a winter heating appliance that first appeared in the Muromachi era and has been loved by the Japanese up to now. However, this thing, which seems to symbolize carefreeness, peacefulness and non-offensiveness..will later…make me suffer.

They’re so kawaii! 

Nodame imitating Chiaki’s Rachmaninov

The kotatsu ep is really funny (my favorite actually), it would be great if you gifed some of it!! *-*

Alright! I love that episode too! I’ll add this to my to-do list. I’ve had some requests already (yay!) and I’ll start today, though I don’t know when they’ll be finished. Be patient,onegai shimasu! ^_^

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I’m thinking there aren’t enough Nodame Cantabile gifs out there. And I want to make some, but don’t know where to start. So if you’re a Nodame Cantabile fan, please answer this post on what you think I should make a gif as. Or go to my ask box and give me a helluva lot of requests. Please. From the live action one or the anime. Please?