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ephemeral by randommusings on Flickr.

ephemeral by randommusings on Flickr.

posted 3 years ago on May 6, 2011
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Which famous writer do you write like? 

I did this 168984941 times and I got James Joyce, JD Salinger and JK Rowling! xD

Don’t know how accurate this is, but it sure is fun! Just paste a paragraph or two of your latest blog post, journal entry, etc, and it’ll analyze your writing style and choice of words and compare it to famous writers’ writing. Come on!

posted 3 years ago on May 3, 2011
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Day 13 - Your favorite writer 

Book writers? I don’t have A favorite. I have several! Neil Gaiman, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Paulo Coelho, Markus Zusak, JK Rowling, Georgette Heyer, among many others. A favorite for me is when I want to read everything they’ve read and go crazy for their works.

My one favorite writer was Max Soliven(1929-2006), a prominent Filipino journalist whose daily editorial columns I read with a passion. I was sad when he died, which meant I couldn’t read his witty and excellently written opinions column. God bless his soul.